Naz is fantastic. The more I use the wardrobe she put together, the more impressed I am with her eye and styling. If I could, I'd go shopping with her every time I needed to buy clothes.
I recently moved from the East Coast and needed help putting together a wardrobe for a new job. I had two sessions with Naz: a closet audit and a shopping trip. If you can, I'd highly recommend doing a closet audit before going shopping. Naz went through my wardrobe and, for each piece, explained either a) how to style it or b) why to get rid of it. I learned why I felt great wearing certain pieces and hated wearing others. Naz was also generous with suggesting alterations that allowed me to repurpose my existing clothes. I saved a lot of money by having the suits I owned altered rather than buying new ones, and they look fantastic.

Shopping with Naz is a ton of fun. She assembled a shopping list during my closet audit, and together we hit up the Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza. In about two hours, we had found all the pieces I needed to complete my wardrobe. Everything she pulled was the right color and fit well (even the jeans!). I came away with classic, multi-purpose pieces that would be useful in a variety of settings. I particularly appreciate that she made sure we went during the Anniversary Sale, which allowed me to get everything I needed and still meet my budget.

Stephanie H
Pasadena, CA