Birthday gift ideas for husband or wife

My husband hired Naz for my birthday. It was great! Not that I dress bad, as all my friends would say, I felt like I needed help to just do better. Not only for me, but so my husband had a hot sexy wife to go out with in the evenings. I love that Naz comes over and discusses the different styles with you, your colors and goes through your closet. I probably knew what she told me about my clothes, but I needed someone to say... "if you wear this together, it appears that you are confused," as far as fashion anyway. We headed to Nordstroms to go shopping. Her pick, which I understand, since she has built a reputation with the people there (she doesn't get credit or anything), they just give her the biggest changing room, help get different sizes, etc. I was nervous to go to shopping there because I know it can be expensive and I had a limited budget to shop with. I have to say, in the end, she did really well. Lots of the items were on sale and she was well aware that I was cost conscious. She is fast so you end up with a dressing room full of clothes in no time. All in all, I would recommend having Naz help you with your style It is fun and everyone is excited to see what you come home with!

Lindsay Polic
Laguna Beach