Professional style

I work full-time and my job requires me to have various degrees of professional styles with different groups I work with regularly. I have 2 little ones and want to look nice when we do family activities together. And I want to look sexy when I'm going out with my husband.

My experience with working with Naz was very good. She taught me things about my body type, colors/styles suitable for me that I didn't really know. I learned that most of my current wardrobe have the wrong size(too big) and some of them are too old for my age. She was very pleasant to work with, definitely knows her stuff and very professional. The shopping at South Coast Plaza was a a fun experience. I tried many things and she helped me picked out what work for me. The process opened my eyes on possibilities that I would not otherwise try myself.

I purposefully waited a couple of months to write this review because I wanted to see if I would still like the clothes she picked out for me after that exciting spur of moment. I have to say I'm very happy with her choices! There are many times when I was dressing myself in my closet, I felt the clothes made me feel really good about myself and represented who I am in my life stage.

All in all, very happy with Naz and would use her service again.

P. Chan