Feel confident in your style

Naz is amazing! I'm in my early 30s and am one of those girls that never got into fashion as a teen. Now that I'm getting older, I see how important it is to feel confident in how I present myself. So I went with Naz's gold package for comprehensive help.

In our first meeting, Naz edited my closet and helped me define my style. Boy did I learn a lot! Then we went shopping. She was very patient and informative with all my basic questions. She was super efficient too in picking things to try on.

During all the trying and fittings of things she picked out, I remember saying frequently, "that does look amazing! Never would have thought!"

Naz also did tell it to me straight - what didn't look right and why - which I find so valuable as well. She also found a majority of my purchases on sale - which was even more added value for me.

I like that I'm not intimidated by department stores anymore with this new knowledge. I now agree with other shining reviews about Style by Naz - and I know you will too.

Rachelle M.
Tustin, CA