I don't normally do this, but I had such a great experience with Naz that I had to share! I am a Marketing Consultant and what I wear solidly defines whether or not I have style myself, and if a new clients wants to hire me for their event or project based on that style. You can imagine the pressure every time I go to get dressed. I hired Naz and she was an absolute lifesaver! Not only did she help me coordinate in a fun fashionable way the clothes I already had... but she took me shopping and taught me what styles and colors look best on me. Now every time I get dressed I remember what she taught me... and I look great... and I am forever thankful...

Cynthia S. | Mission Viejo

Thank you Naz! You were prompt, reliable and knew the current styles and fashion. Thank you for wardrobing with me, you made shopping a breeze. You definitely have a good eye for what looks good on people. I am looking forward to working with you again.

Becky Kron | Ladera Ranch

I was pretty fashion challenged. Well, not as bad as some of the people you see on 'What Not to Wear' but I still had issues. Not anymore! A coworker referred me to Naz for a style consultation. I purchased the Gold package and am very happy with the results and overall, very satisfied with the experience and will definitely work with her again in the future. She's prompt, fast, knows fashion/style and cares about her clients.

Jill H | Irvine

Naz is fantastic. The more I use the wardrobe she put together, the more impressed I am with her eye and styling. If I could, I'd go shopping with her every time I needed to buy clothes.
I recently moved from the East Coast and needed help putting together a wardrobe for a new job. I had two sessions with Naz: a closet audit and a shopping trip. If you can, I'd highly recommend doing a closet audit before going shopping. Naz went through my wardrobe and, for each piece, explained either a) how to style it or b) why to get rid of it. I learned why I felt great wearing certain pieces and hated wearing others. Naz was also generous with suggesting alterations that allowed me to repurpose my existing clothes. I saved a lot of money by having the suits I owned altered rather than buying new ones, and they look fantastic.

Shopping with Naz is a ton of fun. She assembled a shopping list during my closet audit, and together we hit up the Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza. In about two hours, we had found all the pieces I needed to complete my wardrobe. Everything she pulled was the right color and fit well (even the jeans!). I came away with classic, multi-purpose pieces that would be useful in a variety of settings. I particularly appreciate that she made sure we went during the Anniversary Sale, which allowed me to get everything I needed and still meet my budget.

Stephanie H | Pasadena, CA

Naz helped me clean out my closet. We went through all of my clothes and threw out all the clothes that didn't suit me. After cleaning out my closet I met Naz a few days later to purchase shoes and clothing to begin building my wardrobe.

Naz was fast and knowledgable of what looks good on me and what doesn't. She's honest and straight to the point, which I like.

The items I ended up taking home with me are pieces that make me look great. I wore one of the outfits to an interview and I received many compliments on my style, who would have thought? I used to care little about style, and now I'm receiving compliments. I definitely recommend Naz, because she's professional, personable and works with your budget.

Paula C. | Los Angeles

I work full-time and my job requires me to have various degrees of professional styles with different groups I work with regularly. I have 2 little ones and want to look nice when we do family activities together. And I want to look sexy when I'm going out with my husband.

My experience with working with Naz was very good. She taught me things about my body type, colors/styles suitable for me that I didn't really know. I learned that most of my current wardrobe have the wrong size(too big) and some of them are too old for my age. She was very pleasant to work with, definitely knows her stuff and very professional. The shopping at South Coast Plaza was a a fun experience. I tried many things and she helped me picked out what work for me. The process opened my eyes on possibilities that I would not otherwise try myself.

I purposefully waited a couple of months to write this review because I wanted to see if I would still like the clothes she picked out for me after that exciting spur of moment. I have to say I'm very happy with her choices! There are many times when I was dressing myself in my closet, I felt the clothes made me feel really good about myself and represented who I am in my life stage.

All in all, very happy with Naz and would use her service again.

P. Chan | Irvine

"Clothes were both an enemy of mine and my mother's until we met Naz! The countless trips to the store only to be there again in a matter of days with returns has been finally eliminated from the training we received. We finally know how to shop for our shape, and choose our colors correctly.

Shopping has transformed from hair-pulling event to an actual confident and enjoyable experience. We both can now walk into any store, even a chaotic Nordstrom Rack, and know what will work and not work for us just by sifting through the clothes on the racks. Naz is a delightful and stylish woman, who is very passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her services to everyone."

Monica Sikorski and mother Grazyna Sikorski | Silverado

Naz seriously changed my life.
I was fashionably clueless and my career was going in a certain direction that I NEEDED to start looking better or else have a real tough time. I searched for days looking for stylists who were up to date on men's fashion - and Naz really stuck out to me.
She came to my house for a consultation and image assessment. She then went through my paltry wardrobe, selected what worked and what didn't, and set up a day to meet at the mall.
In one day, I was able to purchase a completely new wardrobe that worked for my career needs, was up to date, not terribly expensive, and FIT me well.
I'm so grateful to have a clear look that I know undeniably works for me. People comment about my great 'fashion sense', and I simply refer them to Nazy.
Guys, take the plunge. Get your clothes figured out! It's worth it.
Ray Chase/ Los Angeles

I hired Naz last month to style me for Oscar's Week, I had 5 black tie events and 2 cocktails parties. I am a curvy girl and was nervous about looking slim in front of cameras. Naz found me so many options that looked amazing on me I had such great looks to choose from. The compliment's I received had me feeling like a princess on the red carpets. Naz knows exactly how to shop for your body type, finds colors that you don't even realize look great on you, and her attention to detail is incredible. Thanks Naz, can't wait for Cannes fest will need you again!

Marti H. | Washington, DC
Naz was amazing. She was able to look at my closet and help me understand how to make great outfits with what I already had... outfits I would have never thought of. She is an amazing personal shopper, she can really spot out pieces that would look great on me. She is a great listener and really works with your needs and wants.. She is my "go to" girl for any fashion questions. I would definitely recommend her!
Megan Bentley | Huntington Beach
Naz helped me to organize my closet into capsules of ready-to-wear complete outfits for each occasions. I was amazed how she quickly selected and put each pieces together while screening through the closet. She showed me how to utilize what I have, and really saved me time every morning for what to wear. Her sense of fashion is so updated while balanced and practical, I felt very comfortable following her suggestions. It was exciting to see simple boring clothes changed into interesting outfits.
Debra Kim | Diamond Bar

Naz is very professional, honest, and definitely knows a lot about style!

I learned a lot from day one. She knows what she's doing and I highly recommended her!

Spencer Chuang | Irvine
If you want to look your best, you should go to the best!!! Naz is great with putting outfits together. Whether it's expensive or moderately priced items or even mixing the two. She knows the colors that look great with your hair and skin tone. Naz always knows what is in style and what will keep you up to date. I even recommended her to my husband for his wardrobe. She is always friendly, helpful and has great ideas.
Kim Woods | Newport Coast

I wake up every morning confident that I will not rush in my morning preparing myself to go to work knowing that hanging inside my closet are some pieces that you precisely and skillfully picked for me. I mixed and matched, looked at the pictures you took of me and try to remember all the pointers you went over with me during the one of a kind experiences, (at least for me and I could maybe speak for women like me who thought that personal stylist is only for the models and actors only). Not only that you were so professional about your job but you never made me feel awkward or indifferent through the whole process. Your wide experience in your field reflected on how you met my expectation and more.

Thank you so much, I will definitely need more of your time again.

Myra Luna | Anaheim

I am a partner in a major financial consulting firm and I am an owner of two night clubs and a trendy restaurant. So, I have two very distinct and opposite worlds that I need to manage. Thus, I needed a stylist who could help me dress for these two very different worlds.

Naz helped me understand how to manage my wardrobe and style to successfully dress and transition from one role to the other role. She gently pushed me outside my comfort zone and I avoided purchasing stuff that would just sit in my closet. I learned a lot (she takes the time to explain) and I have confidence in pairing cloths that make me look and feel great. I also had a blast! Although, budget was not a factor for me, as a financial person I was pleased that I actually came in under what I had mentally budgeted. Thanks Naz.

Tony Kenon, CPA | Arizona

I have learned how to dress stylish and make it look effortless, thanks to Naz, shopping is not as painful anymore. I will definitely use her services again and have already recommended her to my buddies.

Brian Samadi | Laguna Niguel

Naz is amazing! I'm in my early 30s and am one of those girls that never got into fashion as a teen. Now that I'm getting older, I see how important it is to feel confident in how I present myself. So I went with Naz's gold package for comprehensive help.

In our first meeting, Naz edited my closet and helped me define my style. Boy did I learn a lot! Then we went shopping. She was very patient and informative with all my basic questions. She was super efficient too in picking things to try on.

During all the trying and fittings of things she picked out, I remember saying frequently, "that does look amazing! Never would have thought!"

Naz also did tell it to me straight - what didn't look right and why - which I find so valuable as well. She also found a majority of my purchases on sale - which was even more added value for me.

I like that I'm not intimidated by department stores anymore with this new knowledge. I now agree with other shining reviews about Style by Naz - and I know you will too.

Rachelle M. | Tustin, CA

I'm a photographer and have hired Naz a few times for some major jobs. She is trustworthy and always on time... as well as very good at what she does.

Lan Bui | Los Angeles

Naz was AMAZING! I received a gift certificate for 3 hours of her services as a birthday gift. I chose to use all three hours for personal shopping. I gave Naz a budget and in those 3 hours we spent together, not only did I update my wardrobe with pieces that will last me, but she was able to teach me what kinds of clothes look best on me and explain why.

Naz was friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable in fashion (a graduate of a well-known fashion school, if I'm not mistaken, while many so-called stylists in the area have simply credited their work as "personal shoppers" at local department stores). Thanks to her, I now feel more confident when I'm shopping on my own, and since my personal shopping experience, I've received many compliments on my sense of style!

Erica A | Anaheim

My problem wasn't picking separates that work it was how to coordinate those separates into fashion forward, situation appropriate outfits. Naz exceeded my expectations because she is organized, the fastest shopper ever and sensible. She get's it. I am not a supermodel with a perfect figure. I needed practical direction on how to dress, shop and choose clothes that would flatter my skin, hair and eye color as well as my figure. I chose Naz because she had fashion experience but was also wearing clothes that I wanted! Now I can use her tips to dress as a better version of myself. She ROCKS!

Kathy Semonian | Los Angeles