Looking for a stylist in the OC/LA area?? contact Naz Meknat! I really appreciated your time and fashion advice! I feel much more confident about my style and my photo shoot next week!!

Whitney George | Costa Mesa

I have a weird life and it requires me to dress differently for different occasions. I have a successful consulting practice working with nonprofit organizations by day and I am a professional stand up comedian by night. Trying to dress appropriately for all occasions has always been a challenge for me.

On a lark, I found Naz through her website and decided to give her a try and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. She did a great job, not only in helping me select clothes, but in teaching me how to mix and match within my budget. I've been getting compliments ever since. I never thought I'd hire a stylist, but I highly recommend Naz and I will definitely use her again.

Tim Shaw | Irvine

"Naz is an extremely dependable, knowledgable and honest person who goes out of her way to make things easy on her clients.

She understands the fickle (and sometimes needlessly extravagant) fashion business inside-and-out, but as a business owner, respects the value of money. As a result, she was able to create a sharp, stylish, competent look while staying within my budget!

Glenn Neely | Aliso Viejo

My husband hired Naz for my birthday. It was great! Not that I dress bad, as all my friends would say, I felt like I needed help to just do better. Not only for me, but so my husband had a hot sexy wife to go out with in the evenings. I love that Naz comes over and discusses the different styles with you, your colors and goes through your closet. I probably knew what she told me about my clothes, but I needed someone to say... "if you wear this together, it appears that you are confused," as far as fashion anyway. We headed to Nordstroms to go shopping. Her pick, which I understand, since she has built a reputation with the people there (she doesn't get credit or anything), they just give her the biggest changing room, help get different sizes, etc. I was nervous to go to shopping there because I know it can be expensive and I had a limited budget to shop with. I have to say, in the end, she did really well. Lots of the items were on sale and she was well aware that I was cost conscious. She is fast so you end up with a dressing room full of clothes in no time. All in all, I would recommend having Naz help you with your style It is fun and everyone is excited to see what you come home with!

Lindsay Polic | Laguna Beach